Welcome to our cottage industry

Nowadays, even the most basic care and hygiene products like soaps may be hazardous because of the materials used by manufacturers. Using traditionally handmade soaps you can enjoy significant benefits. The method of manufacture certifies the lack of chemicals while cleaning without irritating or drying the skin.

The main ingredients of our soaps, which are produced by "cold" process, is olive oil (our production), coconut oil, palm oil and sunflower oil. It may also include oatmeal, oat, clay, cocoa butter, butter carite, oil jojoba, avocado oil, herbs and seeds of the Greek land.

On the page with our products you will find 16 different soaps for the body, and 2 for the hair, the description of which listed the ingredients they contain.

Because the use of soap is not limited to our personal care, soap created for the washing machine, which can be found in the corresponding page.

You can use the soap that suits your skin depending on your needs. Whatever you choose is suitable for frequent use on face, hair and body.

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